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Energy Performance Contracts

The Energy Engineers are an independent, market leading energy-generating company who deliver sustainable cost saving strategies for UK corporate and SME organisations. We provide:-

  • Circa 25% cheaper energy than market rates
  • ZERO capital investment and liability for our solutions
  • Free energy analysis at no obligation with an appraisal detailing your organisations potential savings
  • An opportunity to be a more efficient and sustainable business

We have a global team of highly experienced energy engineers with a panel of green funders with access to more than £300 million of funding with having already spent over £1billion in energy strategies to date. Our aim is to use low-carbon energy technologies to assist you along the ever-challenging path to net-zero. Our core business is to deliver and operate on site energy solutions which help large energy consumers to operate more profitably and sustainably. We are a proven systems integrator combining low-carbon generation and resilience technologies to support the UK’s changeover to a low-carbon future.

We have already developed capabilities to help our clients reduce their emissions and provide cheaper energy through our solutions and are already working with Holiday Inn and public sector buildings to name a few.

Our EPC Solutions


Combined Heat and Power (CHP), alternatively known as co-generation, is the process of generating electricity locally (on-site) which utilises waste heat from the generation process. Generating power this way is cheaper than buying grid power, plus there are no transmission losses due to the transportation of energy from a remote power source. This makes G-GENs up to 65% cleaner and greener than grid electricity. Run the G-GENs on Green Gas or Hydrogen* and they become one of the most reliable, efficient and sustainable sources of power available to date.

Solar PV & Solar Thermal

G-SOL™ Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels absorb free sunlight and converts it to electricity. Power from our solar PV systems is used directly, stored into batteries or fed into the National Grid. Also utilising free power from the sun, G-THERM™-Solar Thermal uses solar radiation and is one of the most energy efficient systems on the planet. Our solar thermodynamic units reduce the energy required to operate refrigeration and air-conditioning units, and the hotter it gets, the more efficient G-THERM™ becomes!

Demand Response Modules

G-STOR™ is a fully integrated, high performance energy storage solution with everything needed to connect to a building or utility network. G-STOR™ offers super-fast response times to variations in demand & supply. This can help maintain grid stability and provide you with energy when you most need it. G-STOR™ delivers exceptional returns on investment by outperforming criteria set by the network operators.

Energy Efficient Lighting

G-LED™ can reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 80% consecutively cutting emissions and costs, whilst improving premise aesthetics with humanistic benefits such as improved focussed vision and performance in learning and working. G-LED™ lighting significantly reduces maintenance requirements and costs due to the products long life span

Electric Vehicle Charge Points

G-EVC™ provides a complete range of electric charge solutions for domestic, business and public areas with a variety of charging capacities and functionalities. Our unique combination of energy solutions and charge points allows for optimal balancing of local grids

The Energy Engineers Ltd EPC Brochure

Energy & Carbon Action Plan Reporting

Armed with all the relevant information from either your Smart Metering or billing a member of the team will attend site and review on-site infrastructure and operational use to identify and quantify savings opportunities. Our survey team are fully trained engineers and are specialists in the conduct of on-site energy and water surveys. The findings will then be reported back in our unique Energy Action Plan format.

Our Surveys and Monito`ring & Targeting will identify capital investment opportunities that Clients will want to roll-out to all of their sites. We have a proven track record of managing such roll-outs.

Renewable Energy Consultancy

At The Energy Engineers Ltd we provide a full renewable consultancy service, which include environmental impact assessments, planning, resource assessment, feasibility studies and full project management. Our service operates throughout the UK, Ireland & Europe. As experienced renewable consultants with no existing relationships with any manufacturers we provide project specific information to our Clients. Working closely with land owners, architects and the community our practical experience and knowledge assists us in identifying and delivering the ideal combination of low and zero carbon solutions for any given project or Client.

Our services / technologies include:-

  • Biomass Boilers
  • GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pumps)
  • ASHP (Air Source Heat Pumps)
  • Wind Turbines
  • Combined heat and power
  • Commercial Solar PV and Solar Farms
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Rainwater Harvesting

Building Services Consultancy

At The Energy Engineers Ltd we have fully qualified M&E Consultants who can provide a wide range of building and engineering services from standard Consultancy through to complete Project Management and commissioning. We work nationally across the UK from our office based in the Midlands.

We offer a range of services that are held by over 25 years experience in the industry, such as:-

  • Air Conditioning
  • Electrical Services
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Energy Conservation
  • Facilities Management
  • Fire, Security & Communications
  • Project Management from inception to completion

Gas Connections & Consultancy

With our chartered engineering expertise, we can provide a tailor-made solution/design for your new or existing gas connection. All of our gas consultancy is carried out by our experts in this specialist area.

This expertise is underwritten by vast experience gained working in the field over many years on a wide range of gas installations from specialist process and production applications, through to modern gas utilisation techniques.

If your enquiry relates to a complete new proposed installation and following a preliminary discussion as to what your specific requirements are, we will arrange to visit the site, do a full survey and carry out a detailed design and advise on the feasibility options of bringing gas to site including:

  • Suitable gas connection points to the existing upstream Gas Transporter network
  • Inlet pipework to your site including any easements and associated agreements
  • All your gas metering requirements including interface with your chosen gas supplier
  • Installation pipework (outlet pipework) from the meter to the individual points of utilisation
  • Any bespoke control equipment and specific requirements associated with gas utilisation for specialist process and production facilities

Alternatively, if your enquiry relates to an existing site where there may be areas of concern, we can arrange to attend site to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the gas installation. Following the visit, we will review any existing documentation that you have and then compile a formal report with reference to the latest industry standards and requirements to include:

  • An overview of the installation and it’s compliance to mandatory Gas Safety Legislation
  • A detailed assessment of the installations efficiency including a system analysis report showing the operational data where applicable
  • A summary of all areas of non-conformance in accordance with the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure (GSIUR)
  • Any recommended remedial works and rectification requirements associated with areas of non-conformance inclusive of budget costs
  • A recommended implementation programme based upon ‘risk rated’ approach and the requirement of GSIUR
  • A recommended on-going maintenance and inspection programme in accordance with industry recommendations that ensures future compliance

Given the specialist nature of Industrial and Commercial gas installations and the associated risks, we believe our unique approach gives you complete peace of mind that your individual gas installation is efficient and complies with all current legislation and industry requirements.

Energy Procurement

At The Energy Engineers Ltd we have specialists in Energy Contracts who will provide full support from tender stage through to the contract negotiation in a friendly and efficient manner. Using our access to wholesale energy prices and in-depth market knowledge we are perfectly placed to provide your company with clear tender recommendations and predicted cost savings.

There are many advantages of using our company via outsourcing your procurement such as:-

  • We will review your current circumstances
  • Handle any ongoing Registration Issues
  • Scrutinise the consistency of the contracts
  • With our wide knowledge of contracts we will confirm the suitability of the T&C’s
  • Circulate the tender details to the market to all Energy Suppliers
  • Monitor and manage your supplies from the registration process through to any contract terminations and renewals to give you peace of mind

We work differently to the traditional brokers in that we will reinvest part of the commission from the Supplier/Client to work with you on an energy management programme to our clients sites. This has worked well in the past with some of our larger Clients and we can provide case studies and references for these if required.

Water Hygiene / Legionella ACoP L8 Management

Legionnaires disease occurs as a result of infections caused by the legionellaceae family of bacteria. It is a form of pneumonia which results in around 250 identified cases a year and can prove fatal, especially to the elderly or those prone to respirable problems. Legionnaires disease is contracted by inhaling small droplets of water suspended in air which contain the legionella bacterium. Legionnaires bacteria occurs naturally in surface water and soils etc but can also proliferate within man made environments such as cooling towers, hot and cold distribution systems, water plant, humidifiers and air washers. Proliferation of the bacteria typically occurs between 20oC – 45oC and is assi